Welcoming means

Receiving someone or something, accepting…

Welcoming is an opening: what is collected or received is let into a home, into a group, into oneself. Welcoming means putting oneself on the line, expressing an additional nuance compared to the custom of hospitality, which, precisely, can just be a custom. Those who welcome share something of their own, they offer themselves, open up to the other, and even though the welcome of an old Sicilian friend may seem alien compared to the welcome of a Japanese acquaintance, it is still the same phenomenon, differing only because people and cultures are different, as are their ways of opening up, of letting in people or things.


“We are Sara, Alessandro, Valentina, Mauro and Jacopo”

A few words about us.

You know the game, if you were an animal what animal would you be? Well, if we were to ask ourselves: “if you were a job, what kind of job would you be?” we would probably answer residence or holiday home managers.

We have all worked in tourism for many years in different roles. However, my colleagues and I felt more comfortable with this type of accommodation because it offers us a different kind of autonomy and independence from the hotel hospitality, which taught us a great deal, but probably bears little resemblance to us. Renting out a house instead of a room gives us the opportunity to establish a more family-like relationship with our guests. Through their needs, we understand their habits and what makes them feel good and we can anticipate their needs.

We are lucky. We found each other as a team and we found our way, This means having that drive that never makes you count the working hours and puts a smile on your face, always and despite everything; it means having that energy that makes you always want to grow and learn and never allows you to give up.

This is us😉.

Tailor-made services for you

Rent an apartment with us for your business or leisure trip and you will find all the comforts of a hotel in the comfort of your own home!